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Product name : Jelly Cup Filling Sealing Machine
Product No. : 2020919155513
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Automatic Jelly Cup Filling Sealing Machine

Working Flow Chart:

auto feeding cup→auto photoelectric detection→auto extracting dust inner cup→auto filling→
auto photoelectric rectifying→auto printing production date→auto sealing→auto cutting→
auto seceding cup→auto collecting scrap film



This machine is made of  type 304 stainless steel . The auto CIP cycle cleaning is applying to

asepsis filling for fresh milk and yoghurt with strict requirement of sanitation. Servo motor

driving and PLC controlling with touch screen make it highly intelligent. It can automatically

identify on filling without cup. Automatic pause and alarm for any missing, unqualified material

or processing failure. Furthermore, the heat sealing monomer controls temperature independently,

accurately with safe sealing, and its fast installation and disassembly make cleaning and protecting

more convenient. The electric components and controlling system are of famous German and

Japanese brands. It can be equipped with air filter dust cover to form an asepsis filling room if needed.


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